What can a life coach do for you?


A life coach offers different different services and advantages depending on a person’s goals. A life coach motivates and mentors clients on a wide range of professional and personal issues. Life coaching is distinct from giving administering therapy. Sometimes people spend hundreds of dollars in therapy when they could benefit more from a life coach. You would hire a coach to help you with specific professional projects, personal goals, and transitions. Life coaches help in many aspects of a person’s life encouraging them in a positive way to improve their own lives while achieving happiness. A coach helps you grow by analyzing your current situation, identifying what is limiting your success and other potential challenges and obstacles you face while helping you create a custom plan of action designed to help you achieve specific outcomes in your life.

The relationship between a client and their life coach is a creative partnership that seeks to:

  • Identify, clarify and create a vision for what the client wants
  • Use coach’s expertise to modify goals as needed
  • Encourage client’s self-discovery and growth
  • Nurture and evoke strategies and a plan of action based on what fits best with the client’s goals, personality and vision
  • Foster client accountability to increase productivity

These different parts of the process all work together to allow the client to maximize his or her potential, and research shows that coaching and training is a far more effective combination than training alone. In fact, solving issues alone can increase productivity by 22.4%, but when combined with weekly life coaching, productivity is boosted by 88%.


  • Gain an understanding with your purpose – Get clear and focused on the goals and objectives that will radically change your life in the next year.
  • Achieve your health & fitness goals – Feel more energy, more vitality and more accountability from a coach who pushes you. Stay committed for real results and start living the life you desire.
  • Ignite passion in your relationships – Remove beliefs that are sabotaging you from true connection and discover the key to fulfillment in relationships. Discover how to break down limiting beliefs you hold about yourself and your partner.
  • Become a more effective leader – Break through limitations and gain the skills to persuade, inspire and connect with others.
  • Prepare for change – Tap into courage, strength, passion and confidence to overcome any challenge or unexpected change that life throws at you.
  • Grow your business – Commit in times of uncertainty, and step out of your comfort zone to drive sales & profits.

Lets take a look at some myths and misconceptions about life coaches and what they do.

“Anyone can be a life coach and coaches do not require training.” This isn’t the case. Great life coaches must possess the right blend of expertise. Life coaches are always attending trainings and schoolings to provide the best services for their clients.

“Coaching is like unlicensed therapy.” Life coaching is focused on your present and your future. Coaching is helping you in your current reality and looks to improve your outcome moving forward with your life goals. Life coaches do not diagnose you. Therapy focuses a lot on your past and how it affects you and your future. Research more about the differences about what a therapist is and what a life coach is.

“Coaching is only for people who have problems or who can’t succeed on their own.” Coaching is for anyone with goals and ambitions who want to succeed. Coaching can be very beneficial to help with the goals and to help an individual connect the dots of a full situation to see a bigger picture.

“Coaches let you vent, then they offer advice.”  Coaches are objective and will offer unbiased opinions about how to move toward accomplishing your goals as well as work with you to identify and resolve issues so that you can eventually coach yourself all the way to success. Coaches will coach you to see the situation as a whole while motivating you to solve the problems in your way so you may succeed with your goals while coaching yourself.


People choose to hire life coaches because they want to do more tomorrow than they can do today. They want to see growth and success in their life. All kinds of people use life coaches, including actors, business leaders, creatives, entrepreneurs, executives, homemakers, managers, professionals, small business owners and start-up pioneers. These people all identify a gap between where they are and where they want to be. Life coaches help with this. When you ask yourself what is a life coach and why should I work with one, you’re asking yourself why you’d want to unlock an extraordinary life. Choose this life today.


A life coach is a professional who can help you succeed in all areas of life. Some of the most common steps clients take while working with life coaches include:

  • Identifying goals and defining a vision for success
  • Creating professional and personal growth plans
  • Identifying limiting beliefs
  • Working toward financial independence
  • Obtaining work/life balance
  • Learning to communicate more succinctly and effectively
  • Fostering more powerful connections professionally and personally
  • Getting promotions
  • Achieving weight loss and/or fitness goals
  • Starting a new business or growing an existing one
  • Managing an important life or business transition
  • Articulating core values

A life coach will ultimately work with you to create a custom action plan. First, you will work with your coach to define your vision: Then you’ll work alongside your coach to identify barriers and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back. Finally, you and your coach will set important goals. Your coach will ensure that you are not settling but reaching for goals to help you succeed in a way that doesn’t sell yourself short.

There’s a reason that life coaching is the second-fastest growing profession in the world – because people need coaches and coaching works. Few people can honestly say that they are already performing at their max capacity to succeed. If you are ready to truly maximize your potential, and take your life to the next level, then it’s time to seek out a life coach.

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