Sometimes You Must Leave A Toxic Job

Can a work situation be toxic? Absolutely!!!! I have been in those situations where everything was sucking all the positivity out of my life. With that being said I will say that most people do not like or love their job but it provides for their life and family. Their is a difference between aContinue reading “Sometimes You Must Leave A Toxic Job”

Don’t Let Your Job Drive You Crazy

It is easy to focus on the things we can’t control especially when it comes to work…..However if we focus on what we can’t control we lose sight on what we can control. As a teacher I have found I have students who will work really hard to complete their work and do well..Then IContinue reading “Don’t Let Your Job Drive You Crazy”

My Services

I mainly coach individuals to create an action plan that leads to self love/care and self confidence so they may succeed in all parts of their lives. This will allow them to live their best life in happiness and fulfillment. I also coach a few clients in professional job success and in their dating life.Continue reading “My Services”