Depression is Real but Not Impossible to Cope With

Depression is when a body is fighting to survive with a mind that wants to die. Some of us have sad moments…Then some of us have really sad moments that feel like we are spiraling into a back pit with no light insight. It is really painful. Sometimes we feel so empty and hopeless. ButContinue reading “Depression is Real but Not Impossible to Cope With”

Reasons Why Guys Lose Interest That Have Nothing to Do With You

There are some guys who just lose interest over every little thing….They are a guy and for whatever reason for some guys it just doesn’t take much for them to lose interest in you….. Here are several reasons that guys lose interest that have nothing to do with you….. He is dealing with his ownContinue reading “Reasons Why Guys Lose Interest That Have Nothing to Do With You”

Text Messages You Can Send a Guy Who Started Ignoring You

Nothing you send can make someone who is ghosting you for whatever reason come back around…….But you can send messages that will answer your questions to yourself….Am I being ghosted????? You can also let them know in the process you know they ghosted you. Just know most the time people don’t care or they areContinue reading “Text Messages You Can Send a Guy Who Started Ignoring You”

My Dating Website Experience

I have been on every dating website that is out there..Online dating is hard. I am going to give you the rundown of what I think about certain dating websites…. POF is a free dating website in which everyone is on…When I say everyone is on then I mean everyone is on it..It lacks theContinue reading “My Dating Website Experience”

Flavor of The Day – Know When He’s Playing With You

In today’s world there are lost of people who don’t want relationships. It has become a hookup culture in online dating. I will say there are some guys who will be upfront and tell you they are only looking for something casual. Even though I maybe looking for something different, I do have a lotContinue reading “Flavor of The Day – Know When He’s Playing With You”

Ghosted – Dealing With The Goodbye You Never Get

It’s hard when someone you are about doesn’t think you merit a goodbye. Sometimes people end things with us by simply disappearing. It is hard not understanding the why or having the closure. It could be a good friend, a guy we are talking with, someone we have been dating, or even someone we haveContinue reading “Ghosted – Dealing With The Goodbye You Never Get”

The Self Important Friend

Earlier in the summer I told you about my friend who kept putting me in bad situations and lying all the time. I referred to her as a narcissist as she definitely was that. She was someone who always had to be important, feel important, and benefited from whatever she did. If she helped someoneContinue reading “The Self Important Friend”

Getting Your House in Order

It is very easy in the busy life to let your house get completely out of control. My solution is…..If you are working then dedicate an hour each night to your home……If you do not work then dedicate an hour in the morning to your home. Then dedicate and hour in the afternoon to yourContinue reading “Getting Your House in Order”

Girlfriend’s Guide to Getting Over Heartbreak

It is really painful to have your heart broken. This could happen because someone doesn’t feel the same way as you, when an almost relationship ends before it starts, or when a relationship ends. It is all very hard to get over sometimes, especially when you never wanted it to end or worse….Something you didContinue reading “Girlfriend’s Guide to Getting Over Heartbreak”

When He is Not Ready For a Relationship

Listen to this carefully!!!!! You could be drop dead gorgeous, be successful, be one of the best people in the world. But you will never be good enough for someone who is not ready for a relationship. This is the truth…..Nothing will change their mind. Some people just don’t want a relationship and it’s trueContinue reading “When He is Not Ready For a Relationship”