Are You Dating A Control Freak?

I have dated, talked to, and married control freaks. That is one relationship that is so miserable. No one is happy with a control freak. A control freak is all about themselves and what affects them and how they feel…..They don’t really care about how other people feel. I had a husband who would controlContinue reading “Are You Dating A Control Freak?”

Are Your Respecting Yourself In Relationships?

One of the most important things you can do is respect yourself in a relationship. So many people lose themselves in a relationship and after it ends it takes a long time for them to find themselves again……..No relationship should ever cost you who you are or your self worth. Here are a few rulesContinue reading “Are Your Respecting Yourself In Relationships?”

Affirmations To Read When You Feel Like A Failure

We have all been there…Sometimes we feel like there is nothing we can do right and everything we do is wrong. Here is a way to change your thinking into something positive. Here are a few affirmations you can read when you feel like you are a failure: I trust my intuition and I alwaysContinue reading “Affirmations To Read When You Feel Like A Failure”

Sometimes You have To Be Direct With Someone Who Is Stringing You Along

If someone is stringing you along and being so confusing about their feelings I find the best policy is being direct and asking them “Do you want me around or not?” “Do you want to keep talking to me or not?” “Do you care or don’t you care?” “What is going on with you?” ToContinue reading “Sometimes You have To Be Direct With Someone Who Is Stringing You Along”

Small Things You Can Find Out That Will Give You Clues If A Person Is Worth Your Time

When it comes to dating or talking to someone there are a few things that will give you clues if this prospect is really worth your time. First things first, you need to figure our what you are looking for and what kind of person you are looking for. That is the most important beforeContinue reading “Small Things You Can Find Out That Will Give You Clues If A Person Is Worth Your Time”

For My Religious Followers: God Answered My Prayers

Many people who know me, know that I am a Christian. I understand that not all people maybe and that is okay. All in entitled to their beliefs. But I had an experience I would like to share with my religious followers. It was special to me. I believe this past weekend God answered myContinue reading “For My Religious Followers: God Answered My Prayers”

Depression is Real but Not Impossible to Cope With

Depression is when a body is fighting to survive with a mind that wants to die. Some of us have sad moments…Then some of us have really sad moments that feel like we are spiraling into a back pit with no light insight. It is really painful. Sometimes we feel so empty and hopeless. ButContinue reading “Depression is Real but Not Impossible to Cope With”

Reasons Why Guys Lose Interest That Have Nothing to Do With You

There are some guys who just lose interest over every little thing….They are a guy and for whatever reason for some guys it just doesn’t take much for them to lose interest in you….. Here are several reasons that guys lose interest that have nothing to do with you….. He is dealing with his ownContinue reading “Reasons Why Guys Lose Interest That Have Nothing to Do With You”

Text Messages You Can Send a Guy Who Started Ignoring You

Nothing you send can make someone who is ghosting you for whatever reason come back around…….But you can send messages that will answer your questions to yourself….Am I being ghosted????? You can also let them know in the process you know they ghosted you. Just know most the time people don’t care or they areContinue reading “Text Messages You Can Send a Guy Who Started Ignoring You”

My Dating Website Experience

I have been on every dating website that is out there..Online dating is hard. I am going to give you the rundown of what I think about certain dating websites…. POF is a free dating website in which everyone is on…When I say everyone is on then I mean everyone is on it..It lacks theContinue reading “My Dating Website Experience”